Gear pump of Metaris, Parker and Permco include Gear shaft, gear set and connecting shaft.
Hydraulic system is a strongger power for different industry
heat meter,water meter and gas meter are installted to industrial pipe
we supply Car Accessories, they are steel wheel, tire,tyre and brake system
Fastener are used for different machine,engineering,construction ect
UPS system is one kind of energy storage
gear is to rely on the transmission torque of the ring-shaped mechanical parts. machinery gear drive with the other mechanical parts (such as another gear, rack, worm), change the speed and torque, change the direction and forms of movement and other functions. Tooth of gears fastened to each other will lead to another rotary gears to transmit power, specially auto gear.

shaft is cylindrical objects to wear in the middle of a wheel or intermediate bearing or intermediate gear, but also less square. shaft is supported mechanical parts to turn around for transmission of motion and torque or moment together. In the machine, the parts with rotary movement can be assembled on the transmission shaft. Torsional deformation of the shaft to affect the performance and accuracy of the machine work.

bearing is an important component in the modern machinery and equipment. Main function of roller bearing is to support the mechanical rotating body, mechanical bearing can reduce the coefficient of friction during exercise, and thrust ball bearing can ensure the accuracy of its rotation.

casting is metal forming objects obtained by various metal casting method, which is to pour, inject, inhale good smelted liquid metal into the prepared injection molding mold in advance, take subsequent grinding and other processing methods after cooling , finally obtained with a certain shape, size and properties of objects of castings.

brass is the copper alloy adding zinc as the main element, with a beautiful yellow, collectively brass. Cu-Zn binary alloy is named ordinary brass, or a simple brass. More than triple brass is called special brass or complex brass. brass alloy with less than 36% zinc is composed of solid solution, with good cold working properties, such as 30% zinc brassused to make shells, commonly known as cartridge brass or seventy-three brass. the brass alloy with Zinc between 36 to 42% is composed of solid solution composition, the most common brass componet is with 40% zinc.

gear pump is a positive displacement pump, the two gears, pump and front cover form two enclosed space, when the gear turn, the gear disengage side of the volume space from small to large, forming a vacuum, inhalation of liquid, gear engage the volume of space from small to large, squeezing the liquid into pipeline. The suction chamber and discharge chamber are separated by engaging line of meshing gears.

vane pump is an oil pump with contact between vane and housing in the rotor slots, the sucked liquid pressure from the inlet side to the discharge side, When the rotor of vane pump rotate, blade close the inner surface of the stator by role of centrifugal force and pressure oil. the two blades and rotor and inner surface of stator are composed of working volume, first suction from small to large, second drain from large to small, while the blades turn circle, vane pump complete with suction and drain twice.

piston pump is an important device of the hydraulic system. plunger pump relies on the reciprocating motion of piston in the cylinder, which change the volume of the sealed working cavity to achieve suction and pressure oil. piston oil pump with a rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and easy flow regulation etc, are widely used in high pressure, high flow rate and flow which need to be adjusted in the certain occasion, such as a hydraulic machinery, heavy equipment and marine applications.

hydraulic motor is a working device to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, external output of mechanical energy by rotational movement, and to obtain the rotational speed and torque of the output shaft. Now, the hydraulic motor include gear hydraulic gear motors, vane motors, orbital motors, radial piston hydraulic motor, axial piston motor. hydraulic piston motor is mainly used in injection molding machinery, shipbuilding, lifting, hoisting and other place.

The structure of hydraulic seals: Popular self-styled pressed hydraulic oil seals mainly include 0 ring, round and square ring seals etc, which have a simple structure, it’s easy to manufacture, low cost etc, in the widely used hydraulic & mechanical seal system, they are dynamic and static sealing element,and installed in a sealed vessel, typically produce 10-25% of the radial compressive deformation, and produce a higher initial contact stress for the sealing surface, thereby preventing leakage of the liquid without pressure.

Sheet metal of gas meter’s film sandwich intermediate portion, is stiff inflexible "hard core", but the very soft film around sheet metal let the hard core move left or right in the box. Film of diaphragm gas meters separate the interior space into two, each of two forms two " gas chambers", each chamber has a vent, it can go the intake or exhaust through this vent. When the left chamber has the intake, the right chamber has exhaust, the pressure of the gas on the film move the hard core rightward. Conversely, if the inlet is in the right side, outlet left, the hard core leftward, reading gas meter is basic applycation. domestic gas meter: G1.6,G2.5,G4; industrial gas meter: G6, G10, G16, G25, G40, G65, G100.

heat meter is a device calculated heat energy. same btu meter, Principle of heat meter: a pair of temperature sensors are mounted on the pipe upstream and downstream pipe with transferring heat fluid, heat meter is installed on the fluid inlet or return pipe (flow meter is installed at different locations, the final measurement results are different), ultrasonic heat meter directly emits a pulse signal which is proportional with flow, a pair of temperature sensors indicate the temperature level of the analog signal, and totalizer connect the signal from flow and temperature sensor, mechanical heat meter calculates energy of heat exchange system by calculating formula, domestic heat meter with brass pipe:DN20,DN25,DN32, DN40, commercial heat meter with flange: DN50, DN65, DN80,DN100,DN125,DN150,DN200,DN250,DN300,DN400,DN500. European Standard: EN1434-1,EN1434-2,EN1434-3,EN1434-4,EN1434-5,EN1434-6; EN13757.

water meter measure water flow. Most are measurement of cumulative flow of water. Generally it is divided into volumetric water meter and speed water meter. sometimes, people also say vertical water meter and horizontal water meters. Accuracy of the former is high than the latter, but the high quality requirements, when water contain impurities, it is easily clogged. single jet water meter with record of tap-water consumption is installed on the pipe, when users turn on the water, or pointer or word wheel on the woltmann water meter indicate the water flow. domestic water meter: DN15,DN20, DN25, DN32,DN40; industrial water meter: DN50,DN65,DN75, DN80,DN100, DN125,DN150,DN200,DN250,DN300,DN400,DN500

steel wheel is fixed with inner edge of tire and the support of the tire, is a rigid wheel to bear load with tires together, steel wheel with combination of tire, wheel rim and spokes are called wheel rims collectively. the steel wheel and tire are assembly of wheel rim in the autoparts.

brake system is specialized devices to force to reduce traveling speed of car. braking system consists of energy supply, controls, transmission and brakes in the autoparts. The main function of the braking system is to enable traveling car to slow down or even stop, the car in the downhill to remain stable, suspended automobiles to remain intact.

starter battery; sli battery(starting lighting and ignition); sli battery (starting,lighting,ignition and generating), Feature: starter battery is a special lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid battery, nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries used in vehicles, ships and aircraft starting, lighting and ignition (abbreviated as SLI) and power (more abbreviated SLIG later 1980s). Generally it refers to the car battery (automobile battery), or call the car starter battery. Mostly rated battery's rated capacity C have about 36 ~ 210A · h, forming a series of specific energy of 35~45W·h/kg (20h discharge rate by energy meter). It can be several times the C-rate discharge. Standard of car battery: CCA, BSR, DIN, IEC, JIS, RC.

Cover of dry charged battery is shaped by gelatinous seal, whose connecting plates are installed within the housing; there are only the liquid supply hole and the positive and negative stigma on the surface. It is without rib structure in the battery’s bottom, each piece of positive and negative plates is both bag-packaged, three sides are wildly wrapped up like an envelope, some object after chemical reaction are deposited on seal bag of each plate, independently of each other, so its discharge rate is small. The battery electrolyte is added after reducing temperature appropriately according to a predetermined the density, without cycles of charge and discharge, immediately activated; dry charged batteries can be used. Plates of dry-charged battery are in a dry state, which has long-term preservation of resulting power in the chemical processes, dry charged battery put into use after the compliant electrolyte are injected into batteries and it keep in stationary for 20 a 30min. Standard of car battery: CCA, BSR, DIN, IEC, JIS, RC.

maintenance free battery is made of with lead-calcium alloy, due to the maintenance free car battery use a lead-calcium alloy as grid frame, so less water generated during charging, water evaporation is also low, the housing is with sealed structure, the sulfuric gases are released rarely, so maintenance free battery is compared with traditional batteries, without adding any liquid, less corrosion for wiring trailer coupling, wire and body, anti-overcharge ability, big starting current, storage time of power long etc, in recent years, domestic and foreign are popular favor. Standard of car battery: CCA, BSR, DIN, IEC, JIS, RC; Battery brand: VARTA, ACDelco,

bolts are of mechanical part, equipped with a cylindrical nut with threaded fasteners. The head and the screws are consist of (externally threaded cylinder) a class of fasteners, bolt is required the nut fastening two parts with hole. This connection type is called bolt connection. Unscrew the nuts from the bolts, but also the two parts are separated, bolt connection belongs detachable connection.

nut with bolt or screw is to play the role of fastening together; A component of all manufacturing machinery must be used. Depending on the material, nut is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (such as copper) etc major type. Mainly based on property: GB (GB), German standard (DIN), International Standards (ISO), Japanese Standard (JIS), American Standard (ASTM / ANSI). Rating performance of nut has two parts numbers, respectively, said male tensile strength and yield strength ratio of nut material. nuts are parts to be closely linked machinery and equipment through threaded inside, the nuts and bolts with same size connect together, such as M4-P0.7 nuts only with M4-P0.7 series of bolt connections (in the nuts, M4 indicate that the inner diameter of the nut is about 4mm, 0.7 indicate the distance between the two screw thread is 0.7mm); US-made products are also so, for example, 1 / 4-20 nut is only with 1 / 4-20 screw( 1/4 indicate the inner diameter of the nut is about 0.25 inch, 20 refers to every inch, 20 teeth).

rivet is a nail-shaped objects, cap at one end: in riveting, using its own deformation or interference connection is riveted parts with many different types of rivets, and formless. Plastic rivets tree is also known as plastic rivets inverted tooth, is also called christmas tree plastic rivets, good elasticity of sheet-like tooth can be pressed fit with direct manual interference in a round hole, the tooth sheet been fixed in self-adjusting according to the actual thickness dimension, a rivet with inverted tooth design is firmly fixed to the mounting surface after installation, not easily be pulled out, use between fixed for foam, wood, rubber, automotive interiors and other soft materials. Hilted rivets are another one-sided riveting rivets, To be rivet, rivet head is beat by hand hammer, which make mandrel expose, so that it is flush with the surface of the nail head, this is to complete the riveting operation, very convenient, especially for the inconvenience using conventional rivets (riveted be carried out from both sides) or riveting occasions of blind rivet (lack of riveters).

screw is a mechanical tool to tighten artifacts gradually through use of physics and mathematical principles of object slant circular rotation and friction, fastener screws are fasteners’ generic statement, everyday spoken language. screw bolt is indispensable industrial necessities in the daily life: cameras, eyeglasses, watches, electronics and other use of tiny screws; TV, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture and other general screws; As for the engineering, construction, bridges use large-scale screws and nuts; small-middle in the transportation equipment, aircraft, train, automobile.

gasket (washer), vulnerability (usually in the middle) of thin plate (usually circular), is usually used for assignment of load-threaded fastener. Other uses are as a spacer, spring (belleville washer, wave washer), wear pad, pre-display device, lock the device. rubber gasket is also used in the faucet (valve) to cut off the flow of liquid or gas. Rubber or silicone gasket may be used to reduce vibration of the fan. The outer diameter of the gasket is typically about twice the inner diameter.

ups power supply is namely uninterruptible power supply (uninterruptible power system), the battery is (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) is connected with the host; UPS is system equipment to convert direct current electricity to electric supply through the inverters module of host circuit. When the mains input is normal, ups power will be used for the load after ups device have regulator of utility power, at this time, the ups system is an AC mains voltage regulator, simultaneously, industrial ups is charging the internal battery; when the electricity is interrupted (outage), immediately, ups equipment make DC power of battery continuously supply 220V AC power to the load through the zero changeover methods of inverter, and the load maintain the normal work, and protect load without damage from software and hardware. ups devices usually provide protection against too high voltage or too low.

Colloidal sealed lead-acid batteries (ie gel batteries), gel batterieselectrolyte is composed of silica sol and sulfuric, and the concentration of sulfuric acid solution is lower than agm batteries, usually 1.26 ~ 1.28 g / cm3. Electrolytes are more than 20% of agm battery, Equivalent to a flooded battery. This electrolyte exists in colloidal state of existence, filled in the separator, as well as between the positive and negative, electrode gel is surrounded by a sulfuric acid electrolyte, which does not flow out the battery. Because of this gel battery is flooded non-compact assembly structure, positive grid use low antimony alloy material, also tubular battery cathode plate. Meanwhile, in order to improve the battery capacity without reducing battery life, the plates can be made thinner. The internal space of the battery compartment can also be broaden.

agm (absorbent glass mat) battery use pure aqueous sulfuric acid as electrolyte having a density of 1.29-1.3lg / cm3. Most of agm battery are being present in the glass fiber membranes, while inside of plate suck the part of the electrolyte. In order to separate out oxygen to the positive electrode to provide the negative channels, It must be kept 10% of the membrane pores without possession of the electrolyte, this is lean solution design. A very tight group adopts a fitting manner, so that the plates fully close to the electrolyte. Meanwhile, in order to ensure there is enough battery life, the plate should be designed to be thick, positive grid alloy use Pb'-q2w-Srr-A1 quaternary alloy. agm lead-acid battery electrolyte have less amount of electrolyte, thicker plates, active material utilization rate is lower than the opening battery, so discharge capacity of the battery is about 10% lower than the opening.

vrla batteries are based on AGM (absorbent glass mat liquid) technology and rechargeable batteries of calcium grid, vrla battery has excellent discharge characteristics and long life of large current. vrla lead-acid battery is in use without adding water. Main features: security seal; In normal operation, the electrolyte does not leak out from the battery terminals or housing; no special aspiration spacer of acid free holding acid inside, no free acid inside the battery, so the battery can be placed anywhere; discouraged system, after the pressure inside battery is beyond the normal level, vrla power battery will release excess gas and automatically re-sealed to ensure no excess gas in the battery; maintenance is simple, because the unique gas is up to system to generate gas which is converted into water, it don’t need to add water in the process of using ups vrla batteries; long service life.

lead acid battery is composed of positive and negative plates, separators, casing, electrolyte and wiring trailer coupling etc, the discharge of the chemical reaction ups lead acid battery is carried out to rely on the active material’s role of the positive plate and the negative plate in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution), in which holder of the gate electrode is manufactured with lead-antimony alloy. Traditional lead-acid battery will occur a phenomenon with liquid save during use, which is because antimony of the gate frame pollute lead of the negative plate, causing excessive decomposition of water, a lot of oxygen and hydrogen were escaping from the positive and negative plate of lead acid battery, which make electrolytic be reduced.

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