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Tires are ground on a variety of vehicles or mechanical assembly of rolling annular elastic rubber products. Usually tires are mounted on a metal rim to support the body, cushioning the impact of the outside world, to achieve touch with the road and ensure the running performance of the vehicle. Tire often are used in complex and harsh conditions, when it is subjected to a variety of deformation with the load, the force and effect of high and low temperature, and therefore it must have a high load carrying performance, traction performance, cushioning performance. At the same time, also they requires high abrasion resistance and flex resistance, and low rolling resistance and heat resistance. consumption of half the amount of rubber In the world are used in tire production, tire consumption are visible.
radial tire 245/30R19;245/30R20,255/30R19 285/30 R19;285/35 R20;295/30 R19
Semi steel radial tire 215/35R18;215/35R18;235/35R19 265/35 R18;265/35 R20;315/35R20
Semi steel radial tire 205/40R17;205/40R18;215/40R17 275/40 R19;275/40R20;285/40R20
Semi steel radial tire 195/45R16;205/45R16;205/45R17 275/45 R19;275/45R20;285/45 R19
Name: Semi steel radial tire (30 serial)

Size: 245/30R19;245/30R20;255/30R19

285/30 R19;285/35 R20;295/30 R19

Name:Semi steel radial tire for car(35 serial)

Size: 215/35R18;215/35R18;235/35R19

265/35 R18;265/35 R20;315/35R20

Name:Passenger car tire (40 Serial)


275/40 R19;275/40R20;285/40R20

Name:Pneumatic tyre for car(45 Serial)


275/45 R19;275/45R20;285/45 R19

Semi steel radial tire 185/50R15;195/50R15;195/50R16 255/50R20;265/50 R19;265/50R20
Semi steel radial tire 165/55 R16;185/55 R15;185/55R16 255/55 R19;275/55 R19;285/55 R18
Semi steel radial tire 165/60 R14;175/60R14;185/60 R14 255/60 R19;265/60 R18;285/60 R18
Semi steel radial tire 155/65 R13;175/65R14;175/65R15 275/65 R17;275/65R18;285/65 R17
Name:Tubeless tyre for car (50 Serial)


255/50R20;265/50 R19;265/50R20

Name:Passenger car tire (55 Serial)

Size:165/55 R16;185/55 R15;185/55R16

255/55 R19;275/55 R19;285/55 R18

Name:High speed tire for car(60 Serial)

Size:165/60 R14;175/60R14;185/60 R14

255/60 R19;265/60 R18;285/60 R18

Name:Cord tire for car(65 Serial)

Size:155/65 R13;175/65R14;175/65R15

275/65 R17;275/65R18;285/65 R17

Semi steel radial tire 165/70 R13;165/70 R14;175/70 R13 245/70 R16;265/70 R16;265/75 R16
Semi steel radial tire 275/30R20;255/35 R19;255/40R19, 245/45R19;265/50 R19;275/55 R19
Semi steel radial tire 8.25R20;9.00R20;10.00R20;11R22.5 12.00R20;13R22.5;7.50R16LT;8.25R16LT
Semi steel radial tire 12.00R24;13.00R25;14.00R20;15.5R20 16.00R20;365/85R20;395/85R20;385/95R25
Name:low pressure tyre for car(70 Serial)

Size:165/70 R13;165/70 R14;175/70 R13

245/70 R16;265/70 R16;265/75 R16

Name:All fiber radial tire

Size:275/30R20;255/35 R19;255/40R19;

245/45R19;265/50 R19;275/55 R19

Name:All steel radial tire(Heavy-Duty truck)



Name: All steel radial truck tire



ll steel radial tire(Heavy-Duty truck) 14.00R24;16.00R25;17.5R25;18.00R25 20.5R25;23.5R25;26.5R25;29.5R25;
All steel radial truck tire 7.00-20;7.50-20;8.25-20;9.00-20, 10.00-20;10.00-20;12.00-20;12.00-24
bias tire for light truck 6.50-15;6.50-16;7.00-14;7.00-15;7.00-16, 7.50-15;7.50-16;7.50-18;8.25-16;9.00-20
Bias truck tire 7.50-16;9.00-20;11.00-20;12.00-20; 12.00-24;14.00-20;53×18.00-34
Name:All steel engineering radial tire



Name:Bias tire for Heavy duty truck



Name:Bias tire for light truck



Name:Mine Tire



Engineering tire for Wheel Road Roller 7.50-15;7.50-16;9.00-20;11.00-20 12.00-16;14/70-20;18.00-24;23.1-26
Smooth tire for Wheel Road Roller 10.00-20;13.00-24;13.00-25;14.00-24; 15.5-25;16.00-24;16.00-25;17.5-25;
Mine tire 18.00-25;18.00-33;20.5-25;21.00-35,23.5-25;24.00-35;26.5-25;27.00-49;29.5-25
Heavy duty cross-country  tyre 8.25-20;9.00-20;12.00-20;12.5-20; 13-20;14.00-20;15.5-20;16.00-20;18.00-25
Name:Engineering tire for Wheel Road Roller



Name: Smooth tire for Wheel Road Roller



Name: Solid tyre



Name: Heavy duty cross-country tyre



Heavy duty cross-country  tyre 13.00-24;13.00-25;14.00-24;15.5-25, 16.00-24;16.00-25;17.5-25;18.00-25;
Engineering Tyre for The grader 10.00-20;12.00-24;13.00-24;13.00-25; 16.00-24;17.5-25;18.00-25;21.00-28;26.5-25
Sand AT Tyre AT19X8-8 4PR;AT20X11-9 4PR,AT22X11-10 2PR;AT25X8-12 4PR;
AT Tyre AT16X8-7 2PR; AT18X9.5-8 2PR, AT25-10-12 6PR; AT26X11-14 6PR
Name:Engineering Tyre



Name:Engineering Tyre for The grader



Name:Sand Tyre

Size:AT19X8-8 4PR;AT20X11-9 4PR

AT22X11-10 2PR;AT25X8-12 4PR;

Name: AT Tyre

Size:AT16X8-7 2PR; AT18X9.5-8 2PR

AT25-10-12 6PR; AT26X11-14 6PR

agricultural tyre 8.3-24;9.5-20;9.5-24;11-32;11.2-24;11.2-28;12.4-28;13.6-28;14.9-24;15-24;
Tractor Tyre 16.9-28;16.9-30;16.9-34;15.5-38,18.4-28;18.4-30;20.8-38;23.1-30;24.5-32;
motorcycle  tyre 90/90-10;3.00-10 6PR; 3.50-10 6PR, 3.50-10 51J;3.50-10 8PR;130/60-13 53J
motorcycle  tyre 110/90-10 6PR;110/90-10 61J,130/60-13 53J;130/60-13 60P;130/70-12 62P
Name:Agricultural tyre



Name:Tractor tire



Name:Motorcycle tyre

Size:90/90-10;3.00-10 6PR; 3.50-10 6PR

3.50-10 51J;3.50-10 8PR;130/60-13 53J

Name: motorcycle tyre

Size:110/90-10 6PR;110/90-10 61J

130/60-13 53J;130/60-13 60P;130/70-12 62P